Luca's Cocktail Of The Month

Cocktail Of The Month


“Habaneros can grow all year round, they just need a lot of sun. Look for dark red chillis as that's when they are most flavourful. I prefer to remove the seeds otherwise they will be too hot.” 
- Luca Versiglia, NBF Bar Manager

- 45ml Espolon Blanco
- 30ml fresh lime juice
- 45ml Habanero Shrub*
- Drop of agave honey to taste

Shake and strain in a chilli salt rimmed rock glass, top with ice and garnish.

To make the habanero shrub:
- 500ml sugar syrup
- 3 habanero chillis (seeds removed)
- 120ml apple cider vinegar

Blend the sugar syrup and the habaneros. Strain, then add apple cider vinegar. 


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