Matt Moran, owner of North Bondi Fish, is one of Australia’s greatest champions of local produce and is passionate about seafood. 


"We like to call ourselves the lucky country, and when it comes to local produce, those words couldn’t be more true. It’s almost become clichéd in Australia to say so, but our food has become hugely produce-centred. From the fanciest city restaurants to the most remote outback pub or your neighbour’s kitchen, this is a shift that’s happened within a generation. Think about this concept for a minute. How many other world cuisines can truly claim such a focus on produce? A handful only. Our vast coastline means we have access to some of the best seafood in the world, not to mention the fact that with a range of water temperatures, we’re able to enjoy cold-water fish such as salmon, ocean trout and King George whiting, as well as tropical reef fish – think coral trout, red emperor and our famous barramundi. The variety is mind-boggling"."


An excerpt from Matt Moran's Australian Food: Coast + Country