Everyone’s talking about taking action to protect our beautiful planet right now, and North Bondi Fish is keen to do whatever we can to play our part. Whether it’s using our Purezza system to filter, chill and carbonate water and cut down on ordering, recycling and transit, banning disposable cutlery and straws, or providing biodegradable doggy-bags for take-home leftovers, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to minimise our waste and carbon footprint.


But we don’t stop at simply recycling (bottles, packaging and containers), re-purposing (used oils into biodiesel) and disposing (our limited food waste) efficiently and consciously. We make sure we partner with people who adhere to the same values as us and who use ethical fishing and farming practices - all of our seafood is sustainably sourced. Our produce and coffee suppliers are always as local as possible and we continuously create menus with food waste in mind, aiming to use as much of a product as we can, in different ways.


We’ll continue to do everything possible to take care of our environment while bringing you the best of the sea, day after day. The world around us is just as important to North Bondi Fish as throwing another shrimp on the barbie.