Chef Jesse McTavish has created an autumn menu that's a celebration of all things seafood. There are plenty of options for all kinds of diners – from those who want to share a couple of snacks and small plates over a bottle of wine, to the hungrier folk who will settle in for a three course feast.




Oysters  5ea
seaweed, mountain pepper 

Iggy's bread 6
lemon myrtle butter

Alto olives  9
black garlic

Yamba prawn sandwich 16ea
beach mustard mayo, pickles

Soft shell crab slider 16ea
sriracha mayo, lettuce

Ora King salmon wings 5ea
mango sauce, lime








Daily sashimi 19 (6pc) / 36 (12pc)
seaweed salad, daikon, ginger, wasabi, soy

Hiramasa kingfish ceviche 26

coconut, coconut milk, avocado, cucumber

Yellowfin tuna tartare 26
chili plum dressing, jicama, nashi, betel leaf

Crispy zucchini flowers 18 (3pc)
spring peas, citrus goat curd

Fish tacos  24 (2pc)

red cabbage, Cali mayo, mango hot sauce, lime 

Crispy southern calamari 18
salt bush, smoked salt, pepper berry mayo

Grilled Tasmanian scallops 30 (5pc)
kombu butter, fried leek








Roasted pumpkin 22

quinoa, pomegranate, mint, dukkah, buffalo fetta 

Gin & tonic Ora King Salmon  26

cucumber, daikon, lime mayonnaise





Squid-ink linguini 42

QLD prawns, bisque, zucchini, nasturtium

Mussels (1kg) 44
green curry paste, lemon myrtle, lime, charred bread


Autumn mushroom risotto  36


Beer battered Flathead  32
chips, lemon, tartare 

Turmeric fish curry  38
snake beans, lime, jasmine rice

Substitute fish for smoked eggplant - 26

Clare Valley grass-fed sirloin 42
wakame & mushroom mustard, charred onions, rocket


Whole baked John Dory (400g)  42

tomato basil confit, soft herbs, lemon 







Barra-schnitty  52
apple & celery salad, tartare, lemon





Blue Mussels, Spring Bay Tasmania, served with Iggy's sourdough

1/2kg - 26 | 1kg - 44 


Choose your sauce:


Tomato, fennel, basil, oregano

Thai green curry with lemon myrtle

Wine, cream, saffron, dill





Cos lettuce 14
cucumber, fennel, dill, buttermilk dressing

Grilled broccolini 14

Chips 10
malt vinegar salt, aioli







Dark chocolate mousse 16

chocolate brownie, sourdough ice cream

Apple, pear, fennel compote 16

almond crumble green apple & basil sorbet

Selection of Australian cheeses  12 (1pc) / 32 (3pc)
served with fennel & thyme lavosh, pinot paste, fruits

We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. 
Please advise your needs at time of booking and our Chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.