Jesse McTavish, head chef at North Bondi Fish, is passionate about seafood and finding the best produce no matter where it is in Australia. “Our deep cultural connection to the sea and our huge length of coastline means Australia has a diverse pool of seafood resources to draw on.” And while people often link seafood with summer, winter is just as good a time of year for produce from the ocean. 


As the cooler months approach North Bondi Fish’s menu moves from the crisp flavours of summer to richer, heartier dishes: soups and broths that need time to develop their full, robust flavours or popular dishes such as turmeric fish curry with its complexity, nostril-filling aromas and spice. 

What is special about North Bondi Fish during winter are dishes where simple produce is made into something special, says Jesse. “It’s not out of place to see a prawn sandwich next to a rich, comforting bouillabaisse.” Jesse and his team are particularly excited about a new mussel dish on the menu, with XO sauce and grilled bread. “It’s huge in flavour with a 1kg serve of mussels in house-made XO, all juicy, salty and spicy,” he enthuses. “It will be epic on a cold night with a southerly blasting up the coast.”