Luca's Cocktail Of The Month

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NBF Watermelon Spritz

 “"Head to Nio & Tony’s here in Ben Buckler, and grab some limes, vanilla and watermelon. Then cross the road, go to Bev’s, buy 42 Below vodka, Aperol, and your drinks for your house party are sorted!”
- Luca Versiglia - NBF bar manager


- 30ml 42 Below Vodka
- 15ml Aperol
- 15ml vanilla syrup*
- 15ml fresh lime juice
- 30ml fresh watermelon juice
- 45ml soda water


Build all the ingredients into a wine glass, top with ice and garnish with fresh watermelon.

Vanilla Syrup:
Heat 500gms sugar & 500ml water & 1 vanilla bean (cut lengthwise and scraped) until sugar dissolved. Cool.

Or Make It A Punch


— 2btls 42 Below Vodka
- 1btl Aperol Liqueur
- 700ml Fresh lime juice
- 700ml vanilla syrup
- 1400ml Fresh watermelon juice


Mix all the above into a jug, punch bowl, cocktail dispenser, add lots and lots of ice.
Pour in wine glass and add soda to taste.


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