Our market list changes daily, adapting to whatever is the best at the fish market that day. Our head chef, Jesse McTavish starts his day with a phone call from his buyer at the Sydney Fish Markets who tells him what looks best or if there is something unique that they know Jesse will love. We like to educate our diners about different types of fish to try that taste even better than the ones they commonly know. Very often, Jesse runs with the fish that he simply enjoys cooking and eating himself. 






Sydney Rock – Wapengo (NSW) - 5ea



Small Plates

Yellowfin Tuna Tataki (NSW) - 26
Miso, mango, baby cucumber


Grilled octopus (WA) - 32
XO mayo, guindilla peppers, pistachio


Swordfish belly - 22
Ponzu, finger lime, salmon roe, chives




Ora King Salmon - 36
Crispy polenta, grilled radicchio, leek & potato puree, nori flakes 

Or plain with lemon aioli


Fish head and shoulder - 48
Chilli Jam

We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. 
Please advise your needs at time of booking and our Chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.