Tales of a Game Fisherman


As Told By Head Chef James Green

Growing up in such a special place as Lord Howe Island that celebrates its unique biodiversity, our Head Chef James Green developed a natural affinity and love for game fishing.


We spoke with James to discover what it is about game fishing that makes him tick.  



I grew up fishing from a very early age, though my interest in game fishing specifically started when I was about 7 or 8 years old and I started to learn about pelagic fish such as Marlin and Tuna. 
My favourite place to game fish in Australia is definitely Elizabeth Reef - a small coral atoll approximately 100 miles north of Lord Howe, though the Great Barrier Reef in heavy tackle season runs a very close second. 


Prince Edward Island in Canada a few years back was a very memorable trip as well, fishing for giant Bluefin tuna, where I successfully tagged and released one estimated to weigh 750-800 pounds (300-350kg), definitely a personal best! 
My favourite species to fish for is Marlin - the anticipation of the bite, its size, its natural beauty and the way the fish fights and jumps makes it a very exciting fish to catch.
When I get home from a day out on the ocean, I love to enjoy my catch raw, especially pelagics like tuna, wahoo and kingfish. Add some good soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger with a beer and I am happy. 
My top tip if you are looking to get into game fishing, is to ensure you have an Australian recreational fishing licence, join a local club to meet people, and head out on a boat with some mates who have experience in the sport, and enjoy!