Head chef Jesse McTavish knows his fish – both how to catch them and how to cook them. We asked him about his favourite fish. 



Mulloway for its buttery texture and juicy flesh. Jesse likes to pan fry it, crisping the skin. “I admire how difficult they are to catch after it took me almost 10 years to land my first big mulloway from the break wall at Brunswick Heads.”  



Flathead for its flaky texture, clean estuary/ocean flavour and great design. “They’re a favourite of mine to catch on soft plastics around Mallacoota or from the beach in Long Reef.” Best cooked whole (head removed) and roasted in a wood-fired oven.



Hiramasa kingfish. Farmed in the pristine cold waters of Spencer Gulf in South Australia, this fish has clean fatty flesh and is perfect for sashimi and raw applications as well as being cooked medium rare in a pan.



Southern calamari for its clean, fresh flavour, the taste of the cold Southern Ocean. “This time of year the South Australian calamari is incredible, it barely needs cooking at all.” Toss it in rice flour and flash fry for 10 seconds maximum.   



Hapuka, for its juiciness and skin that crisps up beautifully. “It's such delicious fish.” Pan fry it and crisp up the skin.